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    How do you use your Flip Video in Education?


      This week, my students did an experiment to learn about how air can have different densities. They boiled water in a soda can and inverted the can into ice water. There was so much fun going on that I had to grab my flip video and record it. (I probably should have stood back farther so it showed the entire experiment better.)



      Two days later, I put a question on a quiz that related to this experiment. The question was based on understanding of where the air was densest. The quiz was projected on the board and when this question came up, I showed the video clip. Because the clip does not show any students, I had several in each class state, “That’s my can!” I was very pleased when over 75% of all my students could correctly identify where the air was densest.


      I’m sharing the video I took here so you can see what I did.



      I look forward to hearing stories on how you are using a Flip Video Camera in Education.

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          This summer the Region VII TLTC did a technology camp for a group of 6th grade students. The Flip camera was one piece of equipment that the students learned to use. For ELA, they did a round robin storytelling activity. As they told the story they passed the camera around the circle. We had some great stories! For Math, they created paper airplanes and were filmed flying their plane and measuring the distance flown. They also did other activities including interviews and poetry readings using the Flip. The kids had tons of fun while they were learning core curriculum concepts!

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              That sounds like an incredible appropriate use of the Flip cameras. The last thing I did with my Flip camera (before it broke) was having students use it. I did not know it it possible to break a Flip Video Camera, but I succeeded. (Perhaps that's where the breakage happened.) They were creating videos to show "models of particle motion." This is a part of my 7th Grade science core that I've not enjoyed teaching before. (Usually we made boring posters.) Unfortunately, I do not have these videos to share. They were incredibly fun to see being made and kids enjoyed explaining their models as they created the videos.

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              A few of the classes I work with used the flips on field trips to record certain aspects of the trip that they were assigned during the unit of study. Each group had particular tasks to record/complete. When they returned to school the team leaders worked collaboratively to put the clips together and create a final product to post on the school and class website. One of the classes has entered their video production in a contest. Hope they win! A science teacher has each group of students document their experiments, record their conclusions and retain this information in an electronic journal.

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                We use flip cameras to record short instructional videos for students and parents to access from home.  These instructional videos are accessed by students for reinforcement or are used by students who were absent.  Teachers use each other's video clips to suppliment their teaching.  They also use them to document projects, steps in an activty and so forth.  Last year our third graders wrote their own fairy tales, chose a backgroud to place on the Smartboard and then had someone to record them reading their story in front of the background.  The turned out really good.


                We also have a Word Wizard in our school this year who is beginning to do short video clips on science words.  Check him out.




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                  I played with a Flip at ThinkQuest Live last week - my first experience of a Flip camera and I'm now really keen to get one for my school. I'm hoping they become available here in South Africa at an affordable price soon. I teach technology to Grades 1 to 3 and I can just see how useful they will be. On my trip back to SA yesterday i checked them out in an electronic store in Johannesburg airport and discovered they are double the price they are in the USA! Hopefully they will come down in price as they become more available. I'll be able to get tips on using it right here on the Engage site. Thanks global colleagues.

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                    Glen thanks for starting this post! Everyone has shared some many resources and best practices how they are using flip cameras in education- it is absolutely wonderful!  The most beneficial ways to get teachers first excited about the flip video cameras is actually utilizing them during a web 2.0 or essentials training.  Exposure is the first step, showcasing how simplistic it is to use, turning the tool over to the teacher to record brief video clips of their "teacher friend" sitting next to them, to capture an impromptu interview of how they see this mobile technology utilized into their teaching practices the very next day. And then making the connection of how students can use this tool as a self-directed learning opportunity to create, produce and publish an innovative video project relating to a real-word problem in their community.  Students will leap at this chance to get the tool in their hand- but a precedence must be set first of stating the learning goal, the object and student outcome to assist the student to stay on task and use their time wisely. It is important though that there is time for "play" with the new tool- whether it is with educators, administrators of students- play and hands-on time is so very important to explore, create, and inspire creativity- an element some teachers have lost in their instructional design of lesson plan development.


                    Flip Video 2 for 1 Offer: http://www.digitalwish.com/dw/digitalwish/product?id=4310 "Share the story ~ Change the world" Thanks Digital Wish Foundation!


                    On an closing note- here is a great Ted Talks video by Sir Ken Robsinson on creativity- every teacher should watch this many times throughout the year to inspire their own inner creativity to foster their love for teaching and learning.  Do Schools Kill Creativity?



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                      This is a resource for the Flip Cam:




                      And I think there is a new model with a larger viewing screen.

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                        I love reading about how you are using the Flip Videos in your classes! Thank you all for sharing!


                        We just finished a month long contest on creating PSAs - K-12 produced 6 hilarious videos on reminding teachers to SHUT DOWN THE SMARTBOARD to conserve energy and save the projector lightbulb from blowing out! It was a lot of fun and the first time this group of teachers used a FLIP video. Converting the software to work on iMovie was the hardest part of the whole ordeal...and the mike issue was tricky. A lot fo the younger students were not loud enough so we had to rerecord or add text to the video. No matter! it was a great success. Creating a contest and allowing teachers to think of the Camera as just the tool to create helped them overcome their fear of how do I use this? It was fun and educational. We plan on creating more of these contests to inspire teachers to do more using the tools they've been given.

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                          Here is a collection of resources I pulled together today for our northern WI educators who each just recently received a Flip Video Camera as part of an EETT grant.  We are using a Ning to collaborate and to share stories from the trenches and to highlight best practices with Flip Video Cameras.  Hope you find the web links useful below in your teaching and learning practices.



                          Flip Video in the K-12 Classroom: http://cnx.org/content/m32297/latest
                          eHow-To: http://www.ehow.com/how_5257011_use-flip-cameras-classroom.html
                          Teaching 'n Technology: http://tnttips.blogspot.com/2008/10/flip-video-cameras-in-classroom...
                          Using Flip Video in the Classroom PPT: http://www.docstoc.com/docs/13472137/Using-FLIP-Video-in-the-Classroom
                          Flip Video Ultra Mobile Lab: http://www.digitalwish.com/dw/digitalwish/product?id=2127U
                          We Are Teachers: http://blog.weareteachers.com/tag/flip-video
                          Mr. Warner's Classroom Stories: http://www.mrwarner.com/2008/07/using-flip-video-in-the-classroom
                          FLIP: http://learninginmaineresources.wikispaces.com/FLIP

                          Learning in Hand: http://learninginhand.com/blog/2008/10/flip-video-camera.html

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                            Very cool, Glen. Have you seen Classroom 2.0 Live that lists various resources on how to use the Flip Camera?



                            You might also like to check out Tom Barrett's Blog at http://edte.ch/blog/interesting-ways/.

                            Thanks for sharing, Glen.

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                              I had a chance last month to videotape my third grade students practicing their student-led portfolio conference. I had several students review the key attributes of a portfolio conference - describing why they selected a piece of work to share, reflecting on what they have learned, and setting goals for the future. Then I selected a few students who volunteered to be non-examples - one mumbled through the "conference", one just shuffled pages while saying, "This is my math, this is my reading, this is my spelling, etc.," and one who wouldn't volunteer any information without me dragging the information out. The students loved watching the examples and non-examples and our real conferences went so well. This was really effective and the Flip camera was a great tool to help us do this quickly and efficiently!

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                                We just started a training for teachers called "Lights, Camera, Action" , which uses Premiere Elements as the video editing software.  We are also using the flip cam to take the video, a green screen, lights, and a tripod.  It is very exciting to see how the teachers have ideas to use in the classroom.  An example would be to create a video on plant growth in Science.  Another option would be to discuss cultures where the students could video themself using the green screen and then place themself in the culture they are researching.  It is very powerful and I am looking forward to learning more!