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    What's new out there in the real world?

      There have been many great discussions in the community over the past several years about technology that is being used in the classroom right now.  However, as we move forward, with PARCC, Common Core, etc on the horizon  what NEW technologies have you heard about, seen in action, that will help classroom teachers. 


      I look forward to hearing your stories about the latest and greatest.



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          Saw a great demonstration at a Google Apps For Education Summit in Burlington, MA, USA. Here is my variation of it: Create a Google Document in Chrome and have different student groups place their cursor in different locations on the page. Have them use their mobile learning devices' Chrome Browser (phones, etc) to use the speech to text option and see/hear their thought process as they solve a problem. Such an easy way to get a transcript of their problem solving!


          Not new technology, just combining what we already have!


          Stacey-New York