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      I'm interested to hear how others are using Webquest. Are you creating your own, or using others Webquest?

      For those who want more information about Webquest click on the following link: Pearltrees




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          Webquest is a good strategy to incorporate research in lessons and empower students in the learning process. I use webquests created by others as well as ones that I create.  I have found that webquests are most powerful when I have students create them.  They learn so much more about a concept when they create webquests on topics for their peers to explore and learn from. Here are examples of webquests created by pre service teachers Examples of Student WebQuests.  Have you considered having students create webquests to demonstrate their knowledge of a concept taught and or to have them serve as tutorials for other students?

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              I looked at the various examples that you linked.  They looked great and seamless.  What software did you the teacher's use to create the examples?  I have done webquests using word documents with hyperlinks which allow student's to type their responses in them.  I make it a read only so that they have to save it as a different file.  I have attached an example of one that I have tweaked over the years. 

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              A simpler version of a webquest if teachers do not want to go through the "official" steps, is to use jogtheweb. This website gives you active webpages and instructions for each webpage.


              Similar to jogtheweb, is bundlenut.com (both very easy to set up) and if you want to install a browser add-on, try sidevibe.com (harder to set up).


              Stacey-New York