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    How do you increase tech knowledge with technophobes?


      When I coach skiing, there are "progressions" I follow. These progressions are small activities that my students do to develop skills that help them reach their goal. What progressions do you use to help your colleagues develop more technology integration skills? Here is an example:


      Preparing students to use the Internet for a project(some steps may not be used or rearranged and colleague can stop the progression at any time):


      1. Handout with URLs written
      2. Make handout digital and posting it online (optional)
      3. Using URL shorteners (tinyurl.com, bit.ly, goo.gl)
      4. Using multiurl shorteners (krunchd.com, linkbun.ch)
      5. Using multiurl shorteners with descriptions of activity (bundlenut.com, jogtheweb.com)
      6. Create a webquest, use sidevibe, or a course management system



      What would you add/remove from this progression?

      Where would you extend this progression to reach a different goal?

      What progression do you use to teach skills?


      Stacey-New York

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          i think your noted progression (above) and suggestions are great...  for me, when trying to encourage less technology reluctant teachers, students or individuals, i, usually, tell them about how specific technology can help or improve something they're trying to do.  i then, show them or demonstrate (whether it's showing a colleague how to use her district provided website to bookmark sites for her students to make the computer lab an easier place to visit for her first graders---showing my mom how to text or her and my sister how to use my mom's new iphone as an internet hotspot, so wireless can be accessible at my parents' work, a life altering event---or convincing one of my first graders that they won't, actually, break the computer by using it...  ) how the specific tool (e.g., machine, website, web2.0 tool, app, or feature, etc.) can improve or help what they are trying to accomplish.  then, i help them set-up whatever it is that needs to be done to help them move along in this area.  i continue to check in on them to ensure everything's working (and also learn--myself--from what they're learning)...  and, then, i continue to demonstrate and explain some more and show more...and, of course, i continue to learn more...and share and show more

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              The way you help your colleagues is an important addition to the "dry" list of applications I have listed. You are right on target when you keep the human interaction up front when dealing with technology, especially with those uncomfortable with the digital world.


              I will be posting monthly, and I will refer to your humanistic approach. We should not forget it when dealing with tech!

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              I do like your list but I would add one step! One of the most important things I do when teaching  in the library is....the students must take a "I will not use Google" oath when working on assignments. Even though you might provide a hotlist of sites or pathfinder of sorts...it doesn't matter because they will all go to Google. I know they all know about it (and their teachers too) and howto use it but as a life long learner you must be able to harness information without using Google. The kids love taking the oath and do give me a little grief but they do either stick with my hotlist or use other student friendly search tools.