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    Collaborate with another school in another Country...

      Our local school district is interested at looking at collaborating with another school in another Country to allow students to collaborate to learn/share about cultures.  Does anyone have insight on how we can begin this process?

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          This is an excellent endeavor! We have several active international participants that might be able to waterfall this message to interested teachers for you or might be interested themselves. I have mentioned a few below. In the mean time, can you describe a little more of the project you envision?


          If I did mention you and you can help out, respond to this thread or send the link to this thread to a teacher that may be interested. Otherwise, ignore this mention (tip: to mention someone, insert the @ sign and then start typing a name. They will receive a notification.














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              Thank you Theresa for your prompt reply.  I have briefly mentioned this to our Superintendent and he was interested and ask that I obtain additional information to present to him.  What all is typically involved/needed on our end and what are the cost (outside of hardware/software to collaborate)?


              Being that we are halfway through our school year - and it would take time to plan - I would envision beginning Collaboration in September of 2013.  We could Collaborate once or twice a month for a semester or the school year through April... Perhaps using September-November as one block and then Feb-April as another block...


              I was thinking about High School Seniors (possibly include Juniors)... I would need to talk to the school administrators to determine the class that would collaborate...


              Any insight and recommendations would be grateful as this would be our first Collaboration such as this.

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                Thanks for the reference, Theresa.

                Yes, we have a few Intel Teach MTs who have been involved in World Links telecollaborative projects with schools in other countries. They received training and have completed collaborative projects in class. May I add rbinag whose English class project on Indigenous Peoples has received an international award.