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    ST Live Notes from September 2009


      ST Live Notes from Thursday, September 16th

      What a great conversation we had tonight.  Here are the notes of what was covered!

      What has been going on to start the school year –from new equipment to lesson plans everyone has certainly been busy during the month of September.  We did discuss the new SMARTboard updates that have been giving some teachers trouble, so be aware if you use SMART.  Some of the flash activities aren’t working as nicely as before, especially with math applications.  Promethean also has a new software this year called ActivInspire that we’re excited to test out.

      Free Video Conferencing Tools – What’s right for you?  We discussed the following options.


      • Skype – free, most common application, easy to use, no ads, easy to connect with others
      • Oovoo – great of multiple users to collaborate, free but comes with ads, if you want to do high end multiple users cost is involved, possible to bring others into the conversation without having every user download the Ooovoo software.
      • Adobe Connect – up to three users in a room for free, many window options for polls, notes, nice tool for sharing of desktops, etc, no ads, no software to install.
      • DimDim – up to 20 users for free (we’re not 100% sure on that number), easy to share desktop, no software to install, features a whiteboard tool, sharing of desktop can be blurry.
      • Elluminate –up to three people for free, wonderful interactive audience tools, whiteboard, desktop sharing, no software to install
      • Tokbox up to 20 people can be in the room for free, links up with your Facebook and Twitter accounts to start a video discussion/chat on the fly.  We’re all excited about playing with this more.  Blanca did say that the video feed with 20 video windows simultaneously does suck down the bandwith, but does have potential.
      • Yugma is an open-source software that will allow you to share your desktop clean and crisp across the web for video conferencing


      Thanks to all the participants in helping build this list (I love my PLN)

      How have you used these tools with students?


      • For Talk like a Pirate Day, my students Skyped with classrooms all over the US to practice their “Piratitude” and taught mini-lessons on digital piracy awareness.
      • Teachers collaborate to build project ideas and lesson plans.
      • It might be a possible tool if schools have to close for sickness this winter


      We all believed that the use of more video conferencing tools will become prominent in the next few months if not year or two (if the bandwidth can take it)

      Critter Clippers Cultural Awareness Project is in the beginning stages.  I will post a description of the project this week in the community for other MT’s and ST’s to collaborate and join in.  Attendees in ST Live are thinking the best way to run this photo essay project would be to utilize VoiceThread (it’s international –YAY).

      Next ST Live will be Thursday October 15th @ 5pm Pacific