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    ST Live Notes from June 25


      Thanks all for interest...no worries, this one was more a of trial run. We will get you the next time hopefully. (and no, I didn't record---dang it!)


      Here are the notes:

      • Linda Morse, Margaret Bowerman, Vanessa Jones, Smoke, Theresa, Julia in attendance.
      • Margaret is our lucky winner for the drawing! Tech toy delivered to you at NECC.
      • Flight times for NECC:
        • Vanessa flies in Sat. p.m. (keynote on Sun P.m)

          Margaret Sun  10 p.m.

          Linda Sunday 2 p.m.

          Smoke--saturday (ride around the monuments at night)

          Theresa--saturday 4 p.m.

      • Future meetings will be the first week of each month on either a Mon, Tues, or Wed. (we will alternate for variety). Approximate time is 4 p.m. Pacific.
      • Let's meet at NECC either Sunday p.m. or Tuesday p.m.say 8 p.m. or 9 p.m.? We will send out a notice of when and where. Probably Tuesday is best. As many STs as we can find.
      • Engage page: We will release our Twitter feed for community and also NECC Ning site, maybe FB?? Use friendfeed to post to all of them. Plurk connected?
      • Future agenda items for monthly meetings:

      --Vanessa: digital story telling (she is presenting this at mini theatre)--general update about what you have been working on

      --Primary world and how tech integration works for these little guys

      --Share a favorite tech tool you have used in a training recently--training reflections--struggles, successes.

      --HAVE FUN! Drawing for a fun tech tool-but do something crazy with it. Trivia game of some kind

      --Elements--what is working what isn't

      --MT Strategies--stories about trainings that make us laugh or cry.

      --Activities and incentives for the community work--what can we do in community to sponsor an activity or provide a fun incentive