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    Did You Know........App and Website Notations


      Happy Sunday Educators,


      I wanted to share with you a new "App and Website Notation" orgainzer PDF I just created for educators and administrators.  Even though a lot of times we are using mobile technology to record data, I have many educators and adiminstrators that would prefer to jot down or hand write their notes, apps or websites we may use during our F2F or online trainings via webinar.  What I like about this simplified organizer is that I can share it with others to print off and make additional hardcopies, but DID YOU KNOW....... that if you use the FREE apps of either Adobe Reader, CloudOn, Noterize, Paper Port Notes HD, Notability and others that you can open up the PDF on your mobile device and annotate right within the PDF and save your annotations?  Once saved the document can be shared eelctronically with others, turned in as a completed assignment to a teacher through DropBox, Google Drive, Box, eMail or another means or saved to the device for later retrival. Try it see if you like, and think about the unique possibilities of using exisiting PDF's you may have created to gather real-time assessment, criciral feedback or reflections from your students or adult learners you instruct.


      I have also add a few other graphic orgainers from a Scholastic "25 Quick Formative Assessments for a Differentiated Classroom" by Judith Dodge • Scholastic Teaching Resources for your education use and Think Port website Think Technology: Graphic Organizers. T


      Naomi Harm