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    Want to design a Clean Room?


      The Tech  Museum and Intel Foundation are starting a contest to design their new exhibit on Cleanrooms. If you have kids that study how computers are made - then this may be of interest of you. Read more below:



      Win $600 by designing a 'cleanroom' exhibit.



      Wu, Ignatius S (Ignay)


      Earn $600 and $200K toward remodeling cleanroom exhibit in Tech Museum of Innovation


      What if you could design the cleanroom of the future with a $200K design budget and get paid $600—would you put in the time to design? Intel and The Tech Museum of Innovation in San   Jose, California is offering this incentive to creative-minded individuals who are willing to design a cleanroom exhibit for the museum. The project is to renovate a "cleanroom" area of the museum, which houses exhibits about the manufacture and functions of silicon chips – Intel’s bread and butter!


      Sounds overwhelming and remote? First of all, Intel will back you up by funding $200,000 for the renovation, and if that’s not enough, The Tech Museum will award $600 USD to each member of the chosen designs*.


      Don’t have pen and paper? No problem. The entire design process will be done on an easy-to-use online platform called The Tech Virtual.


      Some suggested ideas:

      1. "Speed of Processor". This exhibit could compare a human action with the speed of a chip. Allow the visitor to experience the scale and speed of the "performance" story.

      2. "Transistor Unit". This exhibit should define and illustrate the function of a transistor. What is a transistor?

      3. "Parts of the Chip". This experience will allow the visitor to experience the various parts of a microchip.

      4. "You are the creator". This exhibit should allow the visitor to create something resembling a chip and retrieve it online at home.


      Put on your design hat and take advantage of this very unique opportunity. Click here to learn more and start YOUR design journey now.


      Deadline for this online design competition is November 1, 2009.


      For more information, contact rketner@thetech.org.


      * For designs chosen to be installed, the museum will award $600 USD per team member (maximum 3 per team).