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    Intel Essentials SpOOkTacular!


      This sounds like a spooky learning event worthy of your participation. What a clever trainer!


      Our Intel Essentials Course would like to plan a video conference connection  with other teachers, student teachers, or graduate-level students in celebration  of 21st Century Teaching and Learning AND the Great Pumpkin Season. We are a  group of eighteen teachers working to complete the Intel Essentials course,  paired with the implementation of podcasting and other Web 2.0 applications in  the classroom. As the course instructor, I would like to work to develop a brief  program for this evening that would be of benefit both groups participating in  the connection. We invite any interested party from across the globe! The ideal  videoconference date would be Monday, October 26 any time between 4:00pm and  6:00pm EDT (-5 GMT).

      For more information on how to get involved: Intel Essentials SpOOkTacular!