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    Webinar Recording: Virtual Museum Field Trip to the National Baseball Hall of Fame


      After last night's webinar, I am officially and completely jealous of Julie Wilson! Julie is the  manager of school programming at the National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum in Cooperstown, NY, and was our guest presenter for last nights Virtual Museum Field Trip. In this webinar, she presented many interesting and exciting facts and pictures about and from the Hall of Fame, and she showed the amazing set of Common Core-aligned resources for teachers, such as how to explore complex Civil Rights issues via the lens of baseball's integration. Click the recording link below to watch, and take care to note how to access the resources and ways the Hall of Fame can connect with your school.


      Click here to view the recording.


      Click here to view curriculum materials.


      Example units include:

      • Geometry: Circling the Bases
      • Statistics: Batter Up!
      • Economics: The Business of Baseball
      • Physical Science: Science on the Sandlot
      • Innovation: Tools of the Trade
      • Health Science: Be A Superior Example (BASE)
      • Geography: Coast to Coast
      • Women's History: Dirt on Their Skirts
      • Labor History: Hardballs and Handshakes
      • Civil Rights History: Before You Could Say "Jackie Robinson"
      • Popular Culture: Take Me Out to the Ballgame!
      • Cultural Diversity: Diversity in the Dugout
      • Communication Arts: Going, Going, Gone!
      • Character Education
      • Leadership: Leading Off