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    Thinking Out Loud through a PBL Unit on Anti-Piracy


      Lately, I've been utlizing the community as a place for me to reflect on my current PBL unit over digital piracy, a tie in with the novel Treasure Island.  Using my personal blog space under my profile, I've been writing articles talking about the highs and lows of this project and some of the innovative ways students can address the 21st century skills.



      I'm hoping to use these reflections as a place for me to think out loud and perhaps share all the sides of PBL so our MT's and PT's can witness how a spark of an idea in an Intel Course can blossom into a great unit plan.



      Here is the basic lowdown of the project:


      Essential Question: Just because we can, should we?


      Through the reading of Treasure Island students explore current uses of digital piracy with hopes to become ethical users of digital media and to educate others.



      1st Post - Put a Nerdy Teacher Back in the Classroom - Let the PBL begin

      2nd Post - Anti-Piracy Update - Reflecting on the Highs and Lows