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    Best educational board games?


      I'm in the market for some new board games in my English classroom and came across http://www.befudiom.com, a game based on idioms that was created by a young inventor on the PBS series Everyday Edisons.  Another title that I have my eye on is called The Origins of Expressions, which might also help in my figurative language standards.


      What are your favorite board games for the classroom?

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          Diane- thanks for starting this discussion. I am coordinating efforts for families to donate their favorite board game for the 6th grade.  So far on the list –

          • Trivial Pursuit
          • Taboo
          • Boggle
          • UpWords
          • Uno
          • Chess
          • Checkers


          If there are others that are must haves- let me know

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            We recently had a technology conference at our service center and one of the sessions was on games in the classroom (both online & board games).  These were very subject specific for social studies & language arts.  I honestly haven't played these games.  So, these aren't my recommendations, just games that I saw in a demo.  Look online to find reviews.


            Once Upon a Time - a creative storytelling card game by Atlas games.  Students draw cards to add settings, characters, quotations, and plot twists to a story.


            Days of Wonder - www.daysofwonder.com/ - and Rio Grande Games - www.riograndegames.com/ - both offer many games related to geography or historical time periods  Some of them include "Ticket to Ride" - build a railroad across the U.S.; "Carcassonne:  Hunters & Gatherers" - build a pre-historic community; and "Metropolys" - create your own city.


            GMT Games - also has games on historical themes, such as "Blackbeard - The Golden Age of Piracy"  Students take on the role of one or more pirates.