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    Prizes, Prizes, Prizes! Feast your eyes on the Birthday Bash gift list...


      As I'm sure you know, our 4th annual Teachers Engage Birthday Bash is next week (click here to register). Because we love giving members cool gadgets, Intel swag, and other great stuff, this year's event is loaded with opportunities for you to win a swank new item that will make all your friends and colleagues jealous.


      What's on the table? Well take a look...

      wii.pngThe Wii U! We'll give out this randomly during the webinar if we get more than 50 participants. If fewer than 50 join, the Wii will be awarded via the follow up discussion thread, with all webinar participants receiving double entries.


      kindle fire.gifKindle Fire HD


      wireless speaker.pngJBL Ontour SoundFlip  Bluetooth, wireless speaker


      headphones.jpgPlattan Dark Grey Head Phones


      earbuds.jpgElla Earbuds


      blanket.pngIntel 4-1 blanket


      usbbot.jpgTwo  Intel Bunnyman 4Gb USB Drives


      bot hub.jpgIntel USB Robot Hub


      lanyard.pngTwo Intel USB Lanyards