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    Want to show the value of technology? Give input on this survey....US only

      Hi All US teachers,

      Here is a great opportunity to contribute to a US research project on the impact of technology. We would LOVE to have a bunch of Intel Teach schools participate- so please forward the info to those you think might be interested. Thanks! Paige


      You understand the power of technology to transform.
      We need your help so everyone else will.

      As you know, technology funding for schools is one of the first areas to be cut in tight budget climates. E2T2 (Enhancing Education Through Technology) funding has recently been cut again—down to $264 million for FY 2009—and E-rate funding has not increased for 12 years—with every 1997 E-Rate dollar worth only 76 ½ cents today.

      Are you a principal of a technology-rich school? If so, America needs your help!

      Please share your experience by completing this important survey. Your responses will be used to help quantify the impact of technology in education. This information will then be instrumental in helping to preserve and enhance technology funding for schools. Our findings will be provided to the National Educational Technology Plan as well as to schools, districts and educational policy makers across the country.

      Any school principal from a technology-rich school who fills out the survey will receive a complimentary copy of the Project Red findings (a $999 value) as a THANK YOU for participating in this important project.

      Please help us – and students across the country – by taking the survey today at www.ProjectRed.org.



      Leslie Wilson, President
      One-to-One Institute

      What is Project RED?
      Project RED, www.ProjectRed.org, is a national research and advocacy plan directed by the non-profit One-to-One Institute that is dedicated to revolutionizing education through the use of technology. Project RED is currently conducting a national survey to analyze what’s working in technology-transformed schools and to show how technology can save money when properly implemented. You’re part of what’s working in your school. Now be a part of making change in our nation by participating in the Project RED survey. www.ProjectRed.org/survey.php