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    Technology:  Does it teach the basics?

      I conducted three workshops today and I was shocked to receive a response (in today's world) that did not see the relevance of technology. I addressed it with the 21st Century Skills and preparing our students to be successful in our world. I also mentioned that technology is a tool to enhance the learning process. They continued to question the effectiveness of technology in a high school English class and using technology, when they should be analyzing and writing, not creating.  I was floored but don't know if I got my message across.


      Any thoughts?

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          Sandy, I know questions like that can really throw you a curve ball. I am amazed to find people who come to 'technology' workshops and then say that they don't see why we would use technology in certain curriculum areas. When I come across those types of questions, I generally reply to them that our kids will not be able to make it in the world if they don't have some technology skills. Using technology in the classroom, any classroom, teaches our kids those valuable 21st century skills they will need for their future. Another plus is that our students are already digital natives. Technology is their 'medium' for learning, just as books and paper and pen were ours.