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    Something cool- the next gen of encyclopedia? Wolfram Alpha

      My friend Diana sent me this note and I thought some of you might find it interesting....


      As many of you know, my “much older sister” (she hates that) Nancy is my source for most things ed-tech related.  Last week, Nancy and her partner (daughter) at RecessTec (http://recesstec.com/ ) were filmed by Wolfram Alpha demonstrating the resources of http://www.wolframalpha.com/ to a standing room only class of about 100 teachers learning to use technology in the classroom. 


      WA is fascinating.  If you go to the “introduction” link you will get an animated presentation by Stephen Wolfram.  One of the key difference between Wolfram Alpha and Wikis is that it is an interactive computational model.  It is not static data.  For example, it senses where you are in the world and comprehends some subtle data impacts of your geography.  It is very cool because it is more than an encyclopedia online. 


      Anyway, I hope you will visit Nancy’s website at RecessTec and the awesome Wolfram Alpha site to get a flavor. 


      Nancy and Shannon’s most recent adventure was “Technology Idol” where they demonstrated various technology tools:  Glogster, Etherpad, Wolfram Alpha, Google Earth and had the class vote on their favorite.  If you click on their Blog at Recess Tec you can read the results at “And the Winner Is…”