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    Awesome integration ideas for the math classroom


      I am just sharing this website created by a math teacher Frank Sobierajski - http://www.themathplace.org/shoulders/shoulders.htm.  He presented this session at a conference in San Antonio and also at NECC this past year.  Great ideas for integrating technology into the secondary math classroom!  I present integration workshops to all grade levels & subject areas, and secondary math teachers are a hard group to convince to use technology.  I've used many of his ideas in my sessions, and teachers really enjoyed them.


      His activities in this presentation include spreadsheets, digital cameras, and video cameras to help students make real world connections with difficult math concepts.   As he claims, without the technology students aren't able to visualize or understand the concepts so easily.   On his website, he has links teachertube videos that walk you through each activity step-by-step.  Check these out if you are a math teacher, or share it with the math teachers that you know.