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    Project (unit) plan

      Dear colleagues!

      I attach a project (unit) plan.


      Information for educators

      We propose an international project for 13-15 year old students. It’s a pilot one.

      The big idea behind it – to find a form, in which Intel tutors from various countries could exchange their approaches to project design. This will promote cooperation in mastering 21st century approaches to teaching. We believe, that it should be mutual beneficial.

      This pilot project is a brief one – just for testing the idea. We propose the outline – it should work like a “frame”, within which you are encouraged to adapt the project for your students.

      We ask the educators – team leaders two main requests:

      • develop the proposed project (unit) plan and make it available for the      colleagues – project participants
        Intel Education Online Community web site - here in the project group);
      • work  in cooperation on project feedback.

      If you have any questions - don't hesitate to ask and propose - contribute to the project design!