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    Intel® Teach Courses in the U.S.


      The Intel® Teach Essentials Course and Intel® Teach Thinking with Technology Course are available in “eReader” format, here in the Intel Teachers Engage Community. The eReader format is a web-based version of the Digital Manual, with improved performance and functionality, that you can access using a browser.


      Also, you’ll have a more simplified process for your scheduling and reporting.

      The Intel Teach Course Management Tool (CMT) is no longer used:

           •     Ordering: No ordering needed: eReaders have replaced CD versions of curriculum (you can direct your participants to Teachers Engage

                - Essentials Course - http://engage.intel.com/groups/essentialscourse

                - Thinking with Technology - http://engage.intel.com/groups/thinkingcourse

           •     Scheduling: You no longer need to schedule classes (you manage as you like)

                - The Essentials Online courses will no longer be hosted in the Intel System or scheduled through Customer Support. If you wish to continue facilitating the course, we encourage you to transition to the Essentials Course eReader version.

           •     Facilitating: Facilitation materials are all provided free of charge in Teachers Engage, at the links above (Essentials course / Thinking with Technology). We will not restrict access, will not monitor “certification” to facilitate.

           •     Reporting: Please report your participants trained in Teachers Engage, where you access the curriculum.


      The online Course Management Tool has been retired. Your historic reports from the CMT are archived: if you would like any for your reference, please contact teacher.training@intel.com


      Please don’t hesitate to let us know if you have any questions (email teacher.training@intel.com)


      We are excited about the new eReader format, and the improved experience for your participants. We hope you will let us know what you think about the new materials, we always value your input and appreciate understanding how the courses are being used.


      Also, we hope you’re aware of the Intel® Teach Elements courses. If not, all courses in the series are available online at www.intel.com/education/elements. And facilitation materials are available in our Implementation Toolkit: http://engage.intel.com/community/newtoelements