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    Fun Activity Jan-March 2013 - Create Your Top 5 List of Apps EVERY Teacher Should Have.



      The most common question we hear when teachers begin implementing a 1:1 tablet program is, “What apps should I be using?” quickly followed by, “I teach a specific curriculum area, so should my apps be different from everyone else?”  Both great questions, but we often consider that there has to be a “starter set of apps” that everyone could use in the classroom no matter what curriculum which would include digital storytelling apps, brainstorming apps, photo apps, reference apps, calculators, and productivity apps.


      We’re curious to know your Top 5 “Teacher Starter App Set”.  Be sure to follow our sample below by including a brief overview of each app (brainstorm, create stories, assessment tool, sound editing). 


      We will use everyone’s suggestions to build a Master Starter App Document that can be shared with teachers everywhere.  Thanks in advance for collaborating with us on this challenge.


      Share your Top 5 List along with descriptions between January 1-March 31 to be entered into a drawing for $175 Amazon gift card that you might want to use towards the purchase of a Swivl Portable Cameraman.  This incredible cool gadget is perfect for flipping the classroom as it allows a teacher to self-record lessons as the teacher moves around a room. We love it!



      Name of App/URL

      Type of App (File Management, Digital Storytelling, Brainstorming, Musical Creativity, Etc.)

      Why a Teacher or Classroom Needs This App

      1. Evernote Android/iPad
      2. Comic Life iPad
      3. Posterous Android/iPad
      4. EZ Grader Android or iGrader iPad
      5. Google Search Android/iPad
      1. Brainstorming, File Management, Notetaking
      2. Digital Storytelling, Comic Creator
      3.Publishing and sharing information
      4. Grading Teacher Productivity App
      5. Research
      1. Easiest way to keep project ideas, web links, video files, and audio recordings all in one place
      2.  Great for all grade levels this comic book app can be used for all sorts of digital storytelling ideas -  student explanation of science labs, sequencing of events, etc.
      3.  This tool makes it easy to blog using your mobile device. Share and or publish student work as well as your own thoughts, ideas and accomplishments. PicPosterous is also an iPhone app that allows for quick posting of photos to a posterous page.
      4.  Remember the EZ grader sliders?  This is an updated version for mobile apps calculating scores in a flash
      5. The Google App is the perfect tool for research on a mobile device, especially when teachers and students can search with voice commands 


      Note: This drawing will only become active when a minimum of 10 participants respond, which means in some cases, the drawing will take place after the above mentioned date. For a complete description and eligibility of Engage community drawings, click on the Intel Bunny Person.