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    Taming and Training the Technophobe: PowerPoint Presentations Painlessly


      Last month the progression of using technology dealt with PowerPoint and creating links to additional information. The idea of “progression” is to give small steps of technology at a time and build towards getting comfortable with its use.

      So from last month… we now have a PowerPoint Presentation, how do we present it!

      If you are using PowerPoint on a screen with you speaking, use NOTES PAGE. At the bottom of each slide is a small section where you can click and add speaker notes. You can also get to this section by clicking on VIEW and then select Notes Page. The audience sees only the slide, but you can print out a page with the slide on top, and your speaker notes on the bottom. I have students copy/paste information in both the slide and note section. They then modify the slide to look the way they want. The second step is to go to the Note page and re-write the original words into their own words. When they talk in front of the class, they print out the Notes Page and reduce their stage fright and increase their speaking skills!!

      If you are using the Internet, try Present.me There is a free and paid version. You will need a webcam, because this online program shows you on the screen talking while the slide is also on the screen! Or convert the simple presentation to a magazine using Calameo.com or Issuu.com. Turn pages while you progress through the presentation!

      Where could you go with this information? What would the “next step” be? Where would you branch out of these steps and do something else with you and the technophobe? Which ones have you used?

      Link to a voicethread.com example