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    PBL in High School

      I am looking for some good strategies or models of high school programs that are really incorporating PBL. Many of the high school teachers just can't visualize how it would work for them and I have given them some examples and shown them some videos (especially from Edutopia.org) but I am looking for more resources in this area.

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          Hi JoAnn!


          Many of my teachers are creating projects that place the student in a role rather than having everyone complete the same exact  assignment. As teachers become more comfortable in their  use of collaborative tools, such as Google Apps, they are finding it easier to turn to projects to assess students. Try:

          • Inviting them to visit the Intel Education Project and Lesson Plan Index for ideas
          • Asking them to think about using real life experiences (choose a career for example) and create activities that  can help students understand it better
          • One Business Teacher changed a Study Skill lesson into a project that included the creation of a wiki to house study skills for students. The project included  students working in pairs, researching, storyboarding, practicing and then video taping  the study skill on video (as opposed to a multiple choice test or having them do a research paper on one). Then they shared their videos on a wiki. Next up - having their peers review!
          • Create a multi-disciplinary themed project  to try and enlist a group of teachers who maybe already work together, to work on projects that tie into each other.
          • Check out Taking IT Global , IEarn and Project Explorer for ideas and projects around the world that teachers can get involved with
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              Hi Blanca, thanks for the other resources. I will definitely check them out. I am working with a group of HS math teachers that are all from the same math dept are taking TWT. Each math teacher is taking a different unit in Geometry and creating a unit and they are having good conversations. They will share the units at the end of the class. But some of them just don't see how they can connect it.

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                  We do have a number of math focused units in DEP and in the tools unit plan idea area as well.

                  In DEP for high school, there are units on:

                  • Linear Equations and functions in Choreographing Math
                  • Formula Evaluation, proportions, domain, range, piecewise function, composition of functions, applied functions and equations in Pedal Power where algebra students explore the mathematics of bicycles.
                  • Data Analysis, graphing Statistics, and comparing Means in Play Ball
                  • Graphing and regressive functions in Track the Trends
                  • Interpreting graphs, analysis of bivariant Data, modeling phenomena, representing change in What does this Graph Tell You?

                  Within the tools plans, in the Seeing Reason space there is:

                  • Properties of Shapes; Triangulation; Structural Analysis, Scale Factor in Bridge the Gap
                  • Correlations, graphing, functions, scatter Plots, line of best fit, and statistics in Why Math

                  Perhaps if your teachers look through these examples, they might be able to see how they can apply a project in their classroom. I know that is what I had to do - and it really helped

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                I work with a school system that is implementing the 1:1 technology schools as well as developing project based lessons.  One of the requirements of their projects is bringing in the community to interview the students to discuss their projects. This allows the students to practice the 21st Century skills through collaboration, communication, and presenting findings. It also provides the students with real world experiences.


                All of the facilitators are being trained as a Master Teacher for Intel Essentials.  The PBA course is going to be a great addition to these schools.