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    ST Live Notes from October 15, 2009


      ST Live Notes from October 15, 2009

      Couldn't make it? No worries!  The webinar has been recorded and archived for your viewing pleasure http://engageteachers.connectpro.acrobat.com/p11453511/ .

      This evening we covered some of Google’s tools that can help make life easier for students and teachers alike.

      Google now has some excellent “filter options” that can provide links to reviews, blog posts, videos, and more

      Filter Images – With the options feature in Google Images, you can now search by color, line drawing, size, and more.  Now if you want a picture of a pink poodle, you can search “poodle” and click the pink color option.

      Life Magazine Photo Archive – now students can search for historical pictures clear back from the Civil War to use in their projects.

      Google Book search is a great tool for students to investigate authors and read previews of books online.  It sure helps when they can explore a title deeper and read reviews before checking a novel out in the library.

      Google Maps has changed quite a bit this year giving you more flexibility to take visual tours.  In our webinar, we demonstrated how to utilize the new features.  A few are in this video, but more are in the webinar.

      Exploring major destinations in Street View – users have uploaded their personal photos into Google Maps for you to explore major attractions.

      We explored Google Squared – a great category sorting tool that allows students to compare data or teachers to create their own data table and share with students.

      Finally, we played with many of the great features Google has built right into its search engine such as a conversion tool, movie show times by your zip code, time and weather anywhere on the planet, and even how to view recent earthquake occurrences.