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    Celebrate Digital Learning Day 2013 - Your DLD Party



      In the world of ed tech, Digital Learning Day is like our Super Bowl, right down to its early February date. As part of the festivities, we are running two incentivied discussions in which we want to know how you're celebrating Digital Learning Day 2013. In this second discussion, we want to know how you would design a Digital Learning Day party for you and your students.

      DotComMarqueeWin8.jpgOf course, this celebration would not be complete without a trophy, so by replying to this thread you will be entered into a drawing to win a slick new Intel-powered tablet. The drawing will be held at the end of February.

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      How would you and your students and/or fellow throw a Digital Learning Day party that rivals the most elaborate Super Bowl parties? What activities would you plan? What food would you serve? How would you follow all the Digital Learning Day action? Describe!

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          I'll post my initial thoughts now and add to it as more ideas pop up.


          First, we are only allowed two parties a year: Our Winter party and our EOY party. Valentine's has gone the way of Pluto and been relegated to dwarf-party status (party-oid) and we aren't even really allowed to say Halloween, so we have our Fall Centers. Therefore, our DLD party will be wishful thinking for now.


          Games: all computers/ipads would be open for gaming (assuming in our wishful thinking that they wouldn't all be blocked). We'd have an old-school video game tournament using the X-box, perhaps Pac-Man or Donkey Kong.

          We would videotape improvised scenes based on a randomly chosen topics, have the teams edit (with time limit) and then view while eating gummy mice, pop rocks, and popcorn.

          Or perhaps have some jazz poetry with digital themes and finger snapping.


          Music: We'd definitely have a robot dance off to Mr. Roboto, karaoke machine (or through x-box), and limbo under an ethernet cable


          These are a few first thoughts, anyway... and, of course, I'd get my students brainstorming on this right away.

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            my dld party would in no way rival eric's.  i think i'd rather go to his, especially, if frogger, space invaders, or night driver were to become available.

            for my dld party, i would spend the day with students having access to desktop computers, a laptop, iPads, iPod touches, and a digital microscope in our classroom--using the tools to learn all about computing, web 2.0, digital citizenship, online learning...anything i could mesh in reasonably.  then, i'd have us use some netbooks and our computer lab on campus to try some whole class activities, like creating web 2.0 items related to our class's learning and posting the created artifacts on our 1st grade class wiki and commenting on one another's pages or about our own learning. 

            i wouldn't serve food, as food allergies, have become more of an issue than ever before; plus, i have a big rule in my class about keeping all food and liquids away from our electronics.  (i've seen too many colleagues spill their coffee mugs on their keyboards at trainings.)

            as i think everyone would go to eric's instead, these are, at least, my thoughts for now for dld 2013.  my event would, also, in no way, rival any superbowl party or half-time show with madonna or bruce springsteen.    though, i could hype things up a bit by having my students write something in BASIC as i was required to do in 7th grade, i suppose; or we could have intermittent breaks playing the atari...and, we'll, of course, advertise for the big event by printing a few super long (several pages worth) banner printed by Super Print. 

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                I partner teach. My class has the "loud, energetic" activities and my partner teacher's class has the "calm, quiet" activities such as board games, card games, crafts, and computer games. Food stays in her room and away from the electronics.


                I used to have a Magic Robot Quiz game. That would be cool to play for our DLD party.


                Also, I forgot to mention that we'd have the requisite disco ball.


                One more thing: February 6 is the first day of our Middle of Year Writing Benchmark test. So, our DLD party would have to be on Feb 5 (or, more likely, in May when all of the testing is completed).

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                So I work with deaf students, so first of all we would have giant sized monitors placed around the room with each monitor connected to a different digital device.  One monitor would be running Toontastic and making a story following the story line and telling a fun tell with their pals.  Another monitor would be running a Voice thread asking students to comment on how they love and use technology!  This would allow students to record themselves and see other's responses.  I would have a fun problem solving game on another monitor allowing students to play with each other while solving problems.   In the center of the room we would be running a dance competition with  a digital dance program.  In my dream party we would have music playing under the floor boards so the students can feel the music with  a light show connected to the music, so they could see the rhythm of the music.  For the students that wanted a quieter fun time, I would have a music video room, where they could go in and have fun acting, singing, dancing, and editing video to show on the digital screen set up on the dividing wall.

                I would have video photographers walking around videotaping all the excitement, for a later viewing. We would have a digital light festival happen near the end of the party so the kids could have a great time dancing in the streamers, steam, and lights. As the fun slowed down and the food all eaten with streamers flowing all over, I would put the vlog of the party on all the monitors so that every student could see how much fun they had during the party. Of course there would be food, and abiding by the school food rules, I would have fruit, healthy snacks, juice drinks, and of course a few snacky type foods (nachos).    Before leaving students would have to vlog out with something radical about the event, and something they might like to see next time.

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                    I'm at the "official" Digital Learning Day event in the Newseum in DC. You can't beat the view, but I think the organizers could learn a great deal from you all on how to throw a great party. The disco ball is conspicuously absent. Still, it's great to see all the corporate big wigs and politicians here largely keeping their mouths shut and listening to actual teachers talking about their practice.


                    @mrmacnology, one of the speakers, has a great mobile learning resources list here: bit.ly/dldaymobile

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                    The New York Intel Teach Affiliate invites you to attend our Digital Learning Day Webinars!
                    There's something for everyone.
                    Attend one or attend all.
                    Webinar rooms open 1/2 hour prior to start time.


                    Webinar Schedule with Blackboard Collaborate Session Links

                    2:00 - 2:30 Learning.com presenter Carol Weintraub


                    Learning.com helps K-12 teachers and administrators improve student learning through curriculum solutions and assessments utilizing their Sky digital learning environment. Learn how teachers can save time and focus on instructional support with students rather than management tasks. Learning.com brings together all the content, tools, and services teachers, administrators and students need.



                    2:30 - 3:00 Professor Garfield X-treme Comic Contest, presenters Bob Levy, Clive Goodinson, and Barbara Knab


                    Students, grades 6 - 8, will be able to enter a free contest sponsored by the New York State Teacher Centers and the Professor Garfield Foundation. In conjunction with Harvard University's Encyclopedia of Life website and the Professor Garfield's X-treme Comics powered by Pixton, contest participants will become familiar with invasive species in New York. Learn about the contest timeline, student eligibility, entry guidelines and prizes awarded for the top three winners.



                    3:00 - 3:30 ESRI Geospatial Informational Software (GIS) Use in Schools presenters Anita Palmer, Roger Palmer , Darren Faccilonga


                    Become familiar with the Geographic Information System(GIS) which captures, manages, analyzes, and displays all forms of geographically referenced material. Learn how GIS helps answer questions and solve problems by looking at data in a way that is quickly understood and easily shared.



                    3:30 - 4:00 Digital Wish presenter Heather Chirtea


                    Learn about how Digital Wish empowers teachers to get new technology for their classrooms and helps provide resources schools need to thrive. Since August 2009, Digital Wish has granted over 24,000 classroom technology wishes and delivered over $10 million in technology products to American classrooms. See the Digital eTextbook Building tool that lets educators save their classroom content for any smartphone, tablet, iPad, or computer.



                    4:00 - 4:30 Professor Garfield presenter Bob Levy and Madelyn Ferris


                    The Professor Garfield web site is a collaboration between Ball State University and the creative studio for Garfield the Cat. The web site has been made possible through the collaborative efforts of many corporations, organizations, and educators who care about developing a creative and innovative learning portal for children, K-8. The Professor Garfield site emphasizes children's literacy by creating fun and educationally sound interactive activities and games where kids like to play--on the internet---supplemented with standards-based resources for teachers, parents and mentors. The American Association of School Librarians has recognized the Professor Garfield site as one of the 25 finest educational resources in the US.



                    4:30 - 5:00 Intel Teach presenters Tom Diener and JoAnn Murphy-Genter


                    Learn how the Intel Teach Program helps K-12 teachers around the world integrate technology into classrooms and promote student-centered approaches to engage students in learning and prepare them with critical skills for success in our digital world. You will be taken on a tour of Intel Teach’s online Thinking Tools, Elements courses, and the online Engage Community.



                    5:00 - 5:30 Google Apps for Education presenter Edward Murray


                    Become familiar with the free resources in Google Docs that allow teachers and students to easily create, collaborate, and share. Learn how using Google Apps can benefit  classrooms through increased efficiency and improved time management.



                    5:30 - 6:00 SAS Curriculum Pathways presenter Barbara Knab


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                    6:00-6:30 Encyclopedia of Life (EOL) presenter Marie Studer


                    Become familiar with this free online resource that brings together scientifically reviewed information about all life on Earth—one web page for each species. EOL tools and resources are available to anyone with access to the internet and can be used to customize the information in Collections and field guides for specific projects. Learn how to navigate this useful educational resource filled with text, images, video, podcasts, sounds, maps and more.

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                      For DLD in my classroom I would love to make it a truly a world wide event by having an international dance-a-thon with virtual cookies we had made on our ipad! We can even put our pictures on our cookies and share them or tweet them out to our international partners. We could create our own music using some of the apps on our tablets. When we get tired of dancing we can have an international discussion about how to clean up our atmosphere so that the pollution from one place doesn't get spread around and everyone can have healthy air! We could get everyone at our international dance party to gather some data on the air quality in their town and post it all to one place so we could get a snapshot in time around the world and possibly make comparisons from year to year. Maybe we could even start writing a collaborative book on strategies to clean up the atmosphere that all could contribute to! Many heads and thoughts are better than one.

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                        I tried to click the above link but it said the page was unauthorized. Here is what  plan to do for Digital Learning Day:


                        I teach academically gifted 3-5th grade students and on Digital Learning Day next week, I plan to introduce them to a variety of Apps and Web 2.0 activities online that we have not had time to do in our regular classes. There are so many websites that I have learned about through the Intel Teach class as well as through NCWiseOwl and through my own exploring. I've also found a lot of resources through the ISTE facebook page and the Digital Learning Day facebook page. I am going to give my students some time to explore these new tools on their own, and then on a future project I will give them the choice as to how to present their final product using one of the tools we have learned about. So far this year we have used wikis, glogs, and prezis. I want to use Feb. 6 as a day to introduce them to more publishing tools.

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                          AJ_Party_Balloons.pngactive-voice.jpg                AJ_Party_Balloons.png

                          A Digital Day Learning party is a great idea- but how do you invite everyone from a far to participate?  My plan of action is to celebrate with others in another country by providing a global literacy awareness webinar. I made a great networking connection at ISTE 2012 this past year with Tracy Woodward, SSLA (Saskatchewan School Library Association).  We wanted the webinar to make a meaningful global connection and strengthen the learning opportunities between Canadian library media specialist, educators and administrators. We reviewed several dates and chose February 6th as the best choice and the immediate connection of the USA's Digital Learning Day initiative.


                          The focus of this webinar is to share best practices relating to essential strategies and intuitive tools to meet the needs of the today's educator. The information will assist in setting key learning objectives, selecting the appropriate transformative web 2.0 literacy tools, deciding on curriculum content, and determining collaborative strategies for effective student learning and engagement. *The webinar will be recorded and archived and placed back in this thread by the evening of February 6th.

                          And here is the archived of the one hour and a half webinar and the attachment of the PDF of the presentation.  http://techleadership.adobeconnect.com/p19rl1anvf2


                          Message was edited by: Naomi Harm to include the archived Canada "Technology Infused Learning Environment" webinar and the PDF of the Canada presentation.

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                            For Digital Learning Day my students learned how to blog, and began blogging about a recent cooking activity that they had completed. The students were very excited about the blog process. We discussed when blog

                            started, the purpose of blogging, and how to blog. We used the site Blogger.com as a class.  Using a blog site allowed the students to be excited about writing and sharing with others.  I also attended a adobe connect meeting with my A.I. department.  There were some complications with sound, but everyone persevered and the meeting turned out very well.  Digital Learning Day was not wild, but very successful.

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                              My thoughts for a great day-use the Intel tools are an experience that all students and teachers can experience.  Digital learning needs to take place in the contents of using a tool and developing a project using the tools.  Hands on is the best way to be.

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                                I am thinking about a DLD day for parents.  The event would include a short introduction for the goals of the day.  Hand out our school ipads to parents to use during the event.  Tour of the school tech facilities and then break out sessions for parents to learn to use:

                                1. smart phones

                                2. ipads

                                3. Google Search tools

                                4. Homework helper sites

                                5. Online Safety

                                6. Social Media

                                7. and a Q and A session for any tech topic.

                                8. The day would end with a tech give away of an ipad and survey for further DLD topics.


                                I think this could be offered on a school day with student as teachers and volunteers or on a weeknight/weekend.   I also think it would be a fun day for students to accompany their parents.  They would learn a few new things as well as improve technology relationships with their parents.  This is a day I am going to plan at our High School but would be just as successful for elementary or middle schools.

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                                  In NH, we are organizing a technology celebration holiday celebration.  Digital Learning Day will become a special interest group of the NH Society for Technology in Education.  The NHSTE SIG will work to promote the day and develop activities that can be shared across the state.  We hope to create a large following for DLD and create an annual celebration of digital learning that will become a favorite in the state.

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                                    How would you and your students and/or fellow throw a Digital Learning Day party that rivals the most elaborate Super Bowl parties? What activities would you plan? What food would you serve? How would you follow all the Digital Learning Day action? Describe!

                                    I would share all of the resources on Intel! I am so excited to learn about all that Intel has to offer. The collaboration tools are ready and I have already thought about ways to include the tools in my critical thinking course. The ease of access and the opportunity to collaborate and compare responses with other groups makes the integration into my face to face and online courses ideal!

                                    The Intel Summit was a great place to network. I feel that I can include networking opportunities with my inservice teachers by creating and using an online community-- first virtually, then exploring other options during DLD Party days.

                                    THANK YOU!

                                    Cynthia Gautreau

                                    CSU Fullerton

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                                      I teach High School science, for my DLD day I think it would be awesome to use iPads/skype to do some web-chats with students in Chelyabinsk Russia to hear their experiences from the meteorite impacts earlier this month.  If the web-chat wouldn't work, maybe some interactive blog posts between schools. 

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                                        Plan for Digital Learning Day . . .

                                        Students would organize and host the Digital Learning Day inviting teachers, parents, communities and friends.

                                        Students will share presentations in one of the following categories using a variety of multimedia tools.

                                        • book trailers
                                        • vocabulary builders using animoto (following the samples vocabahead)
                                        • QR Code text book update
                                        • short stories
                                        • Pictograms explaining a procedure or concepts
                                        • Jingles
                                        • Poems
                                        • Songs
                                        • Other approved tasks


                                        Students will upload to wiki and or provide the link to their presentation to a google doc (in selected category)

                                        Using the provided rubric, presentations will be judged.

                                        Parents, family, community, teachers and friends invited to attend awards assembly (Formal, Red carpet affair)

                                        Awards (Gabby Awards)  given during the Assembly to students winning each of the categories provided.