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    Facilitation Options for Elements Available Now - HELP?


      Are you looking for free course content that you can integrate into your online or face-to-face professional development program? Intel® Teach now provides free content to facilitate the Intel® Teach Elements: Project-Based Approaches course in face-to-face or online formats.




      We need help from a few of you willing to provide input to help us improve the sites and process (a mix of those familiar with Elements and those brand new would be ideal - so either way, we want you!).




      Facilitation options are described at www.intel.com/education/elements (click on Facilitate the Course)

      Then, you click on the "click here" links under each option (the links are buried in text, so that's one change we need to make - if you can't find the 'click here's, go direct to http://teachonline.intel.com/elements/




      • can you follow the process?
      • what areas are unclear?
      • what questions do you have?

      Thank you!

      (you'll be getting a communication about this in the next few weeks - so consider this a 'sneak preview', but the materials are available now...)