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    Spring Forward with Dynamic Grant Opportunities for Educators and Students


      Greetings Educational Leaders,


      Here is a collection of grant resources to jump start your Spring efforts and opportunities for you and  your students!  Please share your best grant resources so we can create a collaborative grant list to pool our resources and help one another! #TogetherWeAreBetter


      Beyond Words: Dollar General School Library Relief Fund - $1,000 - $50,000 http://www.grantwrangler.com/grantManager/templates/?a=1166&z=52


      Computer for Learning Computers For Learning - Home Page


      eGirl Essay Contest - $500 http://www.grantwrangler.com/grantManager/templates/?a=1190&z=49


      My Favorite Teacher Contest: Barnes and Noble Student Essay - $10,000 K-12 School Grants for Teachers - Grant Wrangler


      Keep Gym in School Grants -  $15,000 http://www.grantwrangler.com/grantManager/templates/?a=886&z=49


      Office Depot Foundation Grants $50- $10,000 http://www.grantwrangler.com/grantManager/templates/?a=835&z=52


      SIGMS Technology Innovation Award for an LMC specialist and Teacher to Travel to ISTE $1,300 http://www.grantwrangler.com/grantManager/templates/?a=1175&z=4


      Teachers Helping Teachers Award - $100 worth of books http://www.grantwrangler.com/grantManager/templates/?a=890&z=52

      Ultimate Cool Science Day Sweepstakes http://www.grantwrangler.com/grantManager/templates/?a=665&z=4