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    Best Blogs

      Blogs can be entertaining, educational, fascinating, tedious, or a complete waste of time. With so many out there it's helpful to get some advice about what blog to follow. eSchool News lists their top ten educational blogs including one of my favorites, Free Technology for Teachers, which keeps me up-to-date on web 2.0 tools. Another blog I follow is Bad Astronomy which focuses on righting the wrongs that are popularized myths and misconceptions in science, especially astronomy.


      If you had to recommend one blog, which would you recommend and why?

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          The ISTE Connects Blog is great because it has a variety of articles on things like leadership, technology advocacy and teaching tips.

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            thanks, eric, for asking people to compile some of the best blogs, here, as it can be extremely difficult time-wise to find the great ones out there.  thanks, too, for your link to the top 10 article.  i was reading that article, just now, and thought this blog went really well with the flipped classroom discussion/webinar.  a blog alllllll about flipping learning.  awesome!! 


            link to blog, first (below); then, link to webinar discussion:

            2. Flipped Learning (new ways of teaching) 

            Re: Intel Teach Live- January 2013- Flipping with YouTube

            Flipped Learning was created by Jon Bergmann, a teacher, educational coach, and writer who has helped educators around the world reconsider what education can look like. He, along with Aaron Sams, are considered two pioneers in the Flipped Class movement. They co-wrote the book on the Flipped Classroom. It will be available from ISTE Press in June of 2012.

            thanks, eric!


            honestly, there aren't many blogs i follow consistently.  there are several classroom teachers that i drop in with and read their blogs, but none that i visit regularly, and this is b/c of time.  (sorry...i'm hoping to get better in this area.)  as i find more, i'll add them here.

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                Time is a huge issue. I don't know how these bloggers who also have day jobs and families and who do things like sleep do all that blogging! Just reading the blogs takes a lot of time, let alone writing them.

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                    One thing that I do just a small bit is follow the blogs (occasionally) of a few great teachers who post quality items on Teachers Pay Teachers.  Sometimes they have great ideas for class projects or assignments.  I mostly only go for free items, just b/c our payscale is a bit on the non-high side. 


                    Here are a few such examples:

                    That First Grade Blog

                    Sailing Through 1st Grade

                    An Apple a Day in First Grade


                    While these may not incorporate technology exactly or all the time, I can, at least, find ideas for content and then build in the technology that I already use, such as videos/quizzes and games from BrainPopJr. and Discovery Education, as well as using Web 2.0 items for student digital artifacts that we post on our Class Wiki.

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                        Thank you for posting those suggestions. I, too, do the same thing. When I have time or am searching for a specific activity, theme, skill, etc.. there are a few teachers' blogs whom I go to first. One of my favorite's this year has been:

                        Sugar and Spice

                        She has some great ideas for technology, especially for using QR codes (which I recently began revisiting in my classroom).


                        Scanning Pinterest has also replaced the time I used to spend on blogs. I am able to find so many wonderful ideas there. My recent favorite has been the ideas to create an iPad/iPod Charging Station Pin by Stacey Shapiro on Technology | Pinterest

                        and using old iPhones as iPods in the classroom Pin by Stacey Shapiro on Technology | Pinterest