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    Google Earth and Sketch Up Possibilities


      As a history teacher, I have used Google Maps and Google Earth to have students create teaching toolsx to demonstrate events in eploration, war battles, Imperial holdings and trade routes. I am even considering conducting a webinar about this if there is any intrest. My question is if anyone in any discipline has been able to use Sketch Up effectively in the classroom. I have played around with it and used it for personal reasons, but it seems that it could be great when studying volume and any number of uses in a science class, just thought it may make a future webinar more interesting if I had some input from you. Thanks!

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          What a good idea for a webinar.  Sketch Up is an excellent tool for the visual learning and a great way to empower students.  Here is a good sites that provides a tutorial and sample artifacts created by students.Google SketchUp

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              I use Google Earth quite often.  I have created kmz files for plate tectonics (I am a science teacher) that overlay on top of the globe.  The students seem to "get it" better seeing the plates on the globe rather than on a 2-D map.  I have tried sketch up for my Forensics class, I was still getting used to using it but I see it as a great way to use it for scale models of things.

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              I have used google sketch with college students to design a 21st century learning environment. They have come up with some very creative ideas. One student designed a plane for a history class that went around and visited many of the countries they were studying and the top level of the plan was a kitchen to prepare food from the different countries. We also used it to design our garden and what would be planted where.

              I haven't used it for geometry but it would be great to create 3 dimensional shapes. It is perfect for the application of the knowledge to create objects such as buildings, bridges etc using the knowledge. Google Sketch-up has the capability of complex designs but also has a large area of pre-made objects.