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    Center for Curriculum Redesign Mathematics Conference


      Hello members - I'm reposting this message about an exciting opportunity on behalf of Charles Fadel.


      Dear Mathematicians/Colleagues,


      It is with great pleasure that the Center for Curriculum Redesign (CCR) invites you to join us at a ground-breaking “21st century Mathematics” conference in Stockholm, April 22-24, 2013 held in partnership with the OECD/CERI and the Confederation of Swedish Enterprise.  This conference will be unique in candidly addressing some of the most vexing issues education systems are facing in adapting Mathematics standards to the needs of the 21st century.


      You will find all details at:  http://eventus.trippus.se/21stcenturymaths .  Please register as soon as possible, and cascade this email to your colleagues and all interested parties.


      We are thankful and indebted to the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, the Henri Moser Foundation, and the Nellie Mae Education Foundation, for their generous support of this event.  For those who wish to better understand the CCR’s overarching goals, please visit our web site at http://curriculumredesign.org/   Your suggestions and feedback are, of course, most welcome.


      Best regards,

      Charles Fadel

      Founder & chairman, Center for Curriculum Redesign