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    Business and Financial Literacy Resources


      Inspired by some very creative and energetic DECA students competing in Orlando this week during our Intel Teach 2013 Summit, I'm cross-posting from a previous Intel Teach business post in our Transforming 1:1 group. If you are interested in getting your students involved in a DECA program for your school, start here: DECA

      Children learn best when they are actively engaged in their learning. Here are some examples of how you can help students learn, while facilitating role play or project based learning activities:


      • Ask students to take on a role of a career they are interested in. Invite in a member of the community for a Q&A session
      • Ask students to create decision trees. Have them review this article, How Smarter Choices Lead to Better Health, in Wired magazine's 2/10 issue, to understand what it is. Use real life situations relevant to teenager's lives.
      • Ask students to study the role of the Internet, Social Media, e-publishing, etc. Have them create learning materials for students younger than them. Ask them to create PSAs for outside audiences. Use Common Sense Media curriculum to guide you and your students.


      Additional resources below:


      Interviews: http://www.moneyinstructor.com/interview.asp

      PBS: Your Life, Your Money

      Federal Reserve Programs

      NYS LifeSMARTS Competition - test your knowledge online against other schools!


      Environment Links:


      National Grid Environmental - Conservation and Energy -



      Electric Universe from LIPA -



      The Green Squad -



      Design / Interior Design:

      Exploration - PBS Design Squad -


      Ikea Room Planners -


      Design Your Dorm -


      3 Other Design Sites with Screenshots -



      Discovery Education

      BLS - http://www.bls.gov/k12/


      Student Career Exploration - http://www.students.gov/STUGOVWebApp/Public?topicID=77&operation=maintopic


      Career Planning Timeline - http://interactives.mped.org/view_interactive.aspx?id=378&title=


      Wages and Me - http://www.econedlink.org/lessons/index.php?lid=305&type=educator


      Supermarket and Real Life Skills:

      Supermarket Safety -


      Supermarket Trip Lesson Plan -


      A neat Virtual Supermarket -




      www.learntobehealthy.org - There is on online journal for teens to keep track of their eating habits

      Project ideas:


      • Students study illnesses related to healthy eating and poor nutritional habits
      • Have students research the role of nutritionist
      • On day 3 or 4 select half the class to take roles of nutritionist and give half of the class the role of patient.
      • Pair nutritionist to a patient
      • Give students a chance to role play going to the doctor. With their knowledge they should prepare to go to the nutritionist for wellness checkup.
      • Students must select an illness or deficiency and learn symptoms
      • Nutritionists must evaluate the symptoms and give advice
      • Patient must take advice and give back results
      • Students reflect on the experience - did they like their role? How does the role of a nutrition compare/contrast with experience of going to the doctor - was it easy? difficult? How can one's choices affect their well being and what can teens do to ensure good habits?
      • Finally ask the students to think of a way to promote well being & good nutrition at their school