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    Urgent info required

      Dear Communities Members


      I'm a teacher of computer science and I want my students to participate and learn more about the current industry challenges. Could any one of you share any details of upcoming conferences or contest in Delhi, India ?





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          Hello Nina,

          Welcome to the community some information which i could gather is as follows



          For major conferences in India visit http://www.conferencealerts.com/country-listing?country=India



          For contests for students.

          Annually Intel Education initiative organizes an annual Contest  for Teachers of all disciplines, where students digital  work becomes part of the portfolio which is gauged by   neutral judges,  and fabulous prizes are awarded besides  an Annual Science fair, is also held annualy final nominees travel to USA and participate in the Annual International Science  and Engineering fair (ISEF).

          please get in touch with the local Regional training agency in your area. The Deadlines will also be communicated
          by them.

          Also Google and other international orgs. have started doing the same, as for Google,students  can register through the Google Science Fair website, although they will also need the consent of a guardian
          (parents or guardians).


          jetted to Google HQ in Mountain View

          Best of luck for now.