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    Coding and Game Design


      After viewing the TED video below I was inspired to offer a game design class this summer, and I want to know if anyone on the discussion board is doing Game Design with their students. I really believe that learning to code is a great exercise for students to learn. What are your thoughts on teaching students to code and create their own games?



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          Bonnie Feather

          I think there must be several teachers in the community using game design with their students. Though I no longer lead a classroom, for quite a few years I did basic coding with my students (first grade!) particularly with Scratch, as a beginning activity leading to game design. We didn't get very sophisticated, but many of the basic concepts of coding were utilized. Two of my students about 30 years ago created "Choose Your Own Adventure" stories using LegoLogo programming. That's what got me started.


          I was fortunate to meet Mitch Resnick at a week-long workshop at MIT several summers ago. What they were doing there blew me away! If you need more resources, I believe I have quite a few on my Diigo page: scratch - Bonnie Feather on Diigo I haven't bookmarked any recently, but I'm sure you'll find more!


          I hope you hear from some other gaming teachers out there!



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            I have used Scratch, Alice, and Kodu in my computer lab for several years. It is a great way to get students involved with creating and critical thinking.


            Kodu is now having a competition now through May 17th. "students will explore the relationships between water and people through the medium of Kodu video games"


            I'm spreading the word!

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              interesting ideas!!!!  i, first, learned BASIC code, when i was in junior high.  we had to write code to make a small graphic move.  it was great fun, while in our 7th grade computer science class, and i LOVED the project.


              still, though i don't do much with gaming in my own class.  as far as i go with code, mostly includes:  i teach my first graders about html code very briefly by showing them how items are embedded, added and coded within their wiki pages, by clicking on "source" (within pbworks's pages).  then, i show them how modifying the code changes items.  i do this from time-to-time, as needed or as appropriate.  they LOVE to see this; and though they haven't learned too much about code or game design from me (aside from embedding items and watching me model modifying code), this gives them a small, very exciting glimpse.


              thanks for the ideas, though; i'm going to read about scratch next.


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                Gaming is a way to take students beyond social networking and into higher order thinking and problem solving (strategies that gaming promotes).  I have found teaching gaming to be a motivator, that keeps students focused and engaged.  I use BYOB (Build Your Own Blocks) which is a derivative of scratch to introduce students to coding.  I start with giving students tip card to help them understand the process and show them how easy coding can be.   It is easy enough for first graders to use.  The link provided will share activities and tutorials that can be used to get started. http://buildyourownblocks.weebly.com/index.html

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                  I think it's a great idea. Back when HyperCard was around, I used it to create programs for my students and taught them how to use the language for their own programs. I loved how intuitive the coding was, but it was discontinued a number of years ago.


                  Just recently a 17-year old sold the news aggregator app he created (Summly) to Yahoo for $30 million. So, coding can be fun, educational, and lucrative.

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                    Here are some Project ideas (with links to directions) from a Georgia USA elementary school http://nebomusic.net/scratch.html

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                      So glad to see this topic being discussed. One of my best friends is currently reasearching Cognitive Neuro Pschology at the University of Oregon. He has been talking with me about the past few years about the links between computer coding, binary language and math skills in young childred. He is actually working on a computer designed just to teach coding to pre-K students in the hopes that early exposure could eliminate some of the issues seen in math classes, especially by the middle grades.

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                        Great video and resources.