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    Fun Activity- April-August 2013- Name that Educational App Game!



      What was your favorite childhood game? Was it Jump Rope, Monopoly, Red Rover or playing Hop-Scotch?   My favorite game was Hide and Go Seek.  Childhood games have evolved over the years and instead of physically playing Hide and Go Seek we can now also play play the games virtually on our mobile devices. We are using Apps to take us where no game has taken us before. As educators, we are also using games to teach essential 21st century skills in the classroom.  So whether your favorite game was Dodge Ball or Marbles, come play our virtual game with us.


      Do you remember the old game “Name that Tune?” where players would try to guess a song’s title in a few simple notes?  We are fine-tuning our inspiration from that game to help share some of the latest and greatest educational gaming mobile Apps. We also want you to participate in  discussions about the benefits of these educational gaming apps in your classroom. We will take our list and then build a framework resource for evaluating these gaming apps.



      • You will provide 5 clues for your educational gaming app- 1 screenshot and 4 hints about the app to help the audience’s wheels start turning.. The hints will include (platform and cost, suggested grade level, main features, highlighted 21st century skill connection)
      • When you are guessing, indicate why you think your guessed App may be the correct App.  Include what your guessed App does and also include the URL of your guess.  Even if your Guess App is incorrect, we will still have a collection of great Educational Gaming Apps
      • After someone has guessed correctly, you will need to post the correct name of the app and URL of the app so that the app can be located or downloaded.
      • Your name will be entered into the drawing twice for posting a Name That App clue.
      • Be sure to pop back into the thread and see if you can guess other participants’ mystery Apps.


      Here is the task...

      Clue #1-Take a screenshot of the OPENED app on your mobile device. (Be sure to not have the App name on the screen. We want the game to be a bit of a challenge.


      Clue #2- List platform and cost


      Clue #3-List suggested Grade Level


      Clue #4- List main features- what is the educational gaming app designed for? What does it do?


      Clue #5- List 21st Century Skills connections- what 21st Century skill is this educational game enhancing?


      Participate in our game between April 1 and Sept 30 (by either posting your clues or guessing) to be entered into a drawing for $175.00 Amazon gift card that you might want to use towards the purchase of your own Game Development Kit which provides you with step by step directions on how to design and build your own custom games. You can also choose from the variety of educational gaming Apps for the Android which the majority are free.

      game kit.PNGgaming apps.png


      Note: This drawing will only become active when a minimum of 10 participants respond, which means in some cases, the drawing will take place after the above mentioned date. For a complete description and eligibility of Engage community drawings, click on the Intel Bunny Person.

      Attached is a 21st Century Skills Resource document from Intel Teach Elements- Project Based Approaches Course