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    My Two Cents Worth...What's on Your Mind These days?


      This is a sounding off discussion for you to share your frustrations and excitements in education.  So what's on your mind these days? 


      Internet filtering?

      Cell phones in the classroom?

      Budget cuts?

      Social networks?


      We'd love to hear what you have to say.

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          We go round and round on the discussion with districts that involves many of the things on your list but basically boils down to how do we get students to have access to these web tools such as social networking sites, virtual worlds, skype etc so that we can better prepare them for the world they are going into. Some districts say it is an e-rate issue that they can't do it, others say it is parents, others security but... we have to figure out a way to do it in the school system so we can talk and model responsible and appropriate behavior.

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            Everything that you mentioned is happening in the districts that I work with.  One of the major things that our state is dealing with now is a law that was put in place that restricts communication between the teachers and students. Many of the coaches or sponsors of clubs and organizations in the schools would use text messaging to their members if something was cancelled or changed instead of using a phone tree.  They are no longer allowed to do this unless they log in every message.


            On a positive note, I am finding more and more teachers wanting to learn more about technology in their classrooms and ideas to use it with their curriculum.  It can be overwhelming when you want to help them all and don't have the time!

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              What's on my mind today is just how great it is to be a teacher!  We've all been there where the grading seems to be the height of Mt. Everest, the dozen student/faculty/building committee meetings seem to never end, and all we want to do is take a nap.  Those overwhelming days can take a toll, but I'm reminded of what my students accomplish every day and how inspiring they are to me.


              I recently watched the documentary film Paper  Clips which featured a Holocaust project out of a small school in rural Tennessee. Basically, an inkling of an idea for a project evolves into a four year journey that changed lives all around the world. My friends, the impact of a dynamic PBL unit like the one featured in the film makes me proud to be a PBL teacher and gives me to juice to keep trucking forward.


              We as educators are so fortunate to participate in the learning process of children each day, and I have to admit, I love learning with them, too.


              To check out more information on the film - http://www.paperclipsmovie.com/.  I was able to stream it off of Netflix this weekend, so any of you Netflix users, be sure to add it to your queue.

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                  Dyane - I agree that we are fortunate to be educators. There is nothing better than the look in a kid's eye when they "get" it, or when they are so involved in their learning that they don't want to leave!!!

                  I teach pre-service teachers and I can just see how wonderful so many of them will be - all that is in the news about education has not discouraged these young adults - awesome to see!