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    What are the best and worst teacher gifts?


      What are the best and worst gifts your students have given you over the years? 


      PS - are you expecting another collection of candles this year? 

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          I definately want to hear all the BEST gifts - could use some new ideas for my children's teachers.


          For me the most challenging is excepting a homeade treat- when you aren't really sure what it is.  I also must say that I have my share of holiday coffee mugs - and they all came from students.


          No matter what the gift I am thankful that they took the time out to think of me because not all students do that.

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            One of my favorite teacher gifts that I received was a $5.00 BlockBuster Gift Card.  I love to watch movies and I really thought it was a great idea.  I would have never thought of it personally.  Another idea would be StarBuck's.

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              Bonnie Feather

              I was the recipient of a kitten one year.  While it worked out just fine, it was quite a shock!

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                  LOL!  I thought I was the only one.  I was given a pet fish (already named Steve, by the way).  Not sure how long the child had owned "Steve the fish" before he gifted it to me, but I'm pretty sure I was given it because the parent didn't want to take care of it anymore, or the fish was going to die pretty soon anyways. So they put it in a bowl with some flowers and placed it on my desk as a surprise when I came into work. :-o

                  Already had a fish - both betas, that will kill each other if you combine them.  So, I had two separate fishbowls to care for.

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                  I also used to get a ton of Christmas mugs- in fact, I have quite a collection now. 

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                    OMG Bonnie- I would have given that kid an F - really a kitten? Helpful hint noted -if you have to clean up after it- dont "gift" it..... Julia- how about an iTunes gift card? With a really nice note from your kid....saying what she appreciates about the teacher.

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                      My best teacher gift ever was a heart-shaped glass jar that was filled with slips of colored paper and my students had written on the paper what they liked/loved about my class and my teaching. It has a very special spot in my home office - and I will cherish it always.

                      And I always loved the home-made ornaments - I still have those as well. Or the additions to my bobbing turtles collection.......or my science gadget collection......

                      And of course, always loved the gift cards to restaurants!! Anytime I don't have to cook.........oh, wait, I don't cook anymore.........that is my husbands domain - I put my time in:)

                      Now the worst - it must have been bad cause I just can't remember - but yes Dyane, I certainly have had my share of candles, home-made goodies, and oh, Avon stuff that just wasn't anything I would ever wear.......


                      Last year I really got specialized for the gifts for my son's teachers. For his writing teacher I got him a leather bound journal - he is still emailing me about how he loves it. His science teacher got a book of fun science facts - and my son's friend who is in his class this year says he uses it all the time (cool!).


                      So I guess the best to me were the ones that were totally personalized.

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                          I love the personalized gifts.  Little Smoke pulled a good one for his science teacher.  Mr. Hunt had mentioned how his science lab supplies were getting old and needed some new beakers and things.  Well, we had a friend heading down to Disney World and Little Smoke asked if she would pick up a stuffed Beaker muppet for him.  She did!  Isn't he awesome?   We'll be giving him to the science teacher next week.


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                          I once got a pair of used earrings; I wasn't sure if they were a pair of his mom's that he took but it certainly surprised me!  I've been fortunate to get lots of   wonderful gifts over the years - gift certificates, a spa day from a group of parents, tickets to a Phoenix Suns basketball game, the apron signed by all of my students (even though I don't cook!), and a photo album at the end of one school year. The mom took pictures of lots of our events and included me in many of them - I still cherish it. My favorites though are the cards that students write to me - I save them an pull them out every once in awhile. I guess it's the notes that keep me still teaching after 32 years!

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                            I have to say I received more gifts when I taught at the elementary school. I think when students are in middle school, it may NOT be cool to give the teacher a gift, although I think my students liked me..LOL

                            I was a little leery of baked goodies, but accepted them with a smile and made a big deal out of them. I loved the cards and drawings my kids gave to me as well, and still have quite a collection although my husband has eyed them to dispose of. I enjoyed getting plants from my students, bath gels, and food cards. Also, my students knew I loved chocolate, so I always ended up with some of that too....NOT that I needed it.


                            I did see a very cute idea although I did not get it . Students painted terra cotta pots and put their hand prints on it and even included the plant.  Very cute.

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                              Bonnie Feather

                              I received a lovely bottle of wine one year with crystal glasses to go with it!  I still have those glasses and remember that child each time I use them.  I think it's important to have a gift that will remind the teachers of the student (in a positive way!)