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    The Digital Buzz Radio Show: Creating Digital Learning Spaces


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      Come and learn about 10 unique designing elements of how to create and cultivate digital learning spaces for k-12 students.

      The Digital Buzz | Spreaker Online Radio


      1. Sunflower social groups and effective classroom management. ( 20 Clicks, Swivel, Tablets Down Classroom Management - Teaching and Learning 1to1 ) VIP (Visual Instructional Plan) http://goo.gl/y99KU

      2. The front of the room is no more for direct instruction. http://goo.gl/77tbY

      3. Collaborative Creation Stations or Digital Literacy Stations and additional resource of The Differentiator http://byrdseed.com/differentiator

      4. iCenter- flip your library media center into a Genius Bar and teacher/student technology literacy social help desk area. Portage Community School District | Mobile

      5. Intel Education's "Mobile Learning Scenarios for k-12" app. http://goo.gl/ZCPaa

          Android app Mobile Scenarios for K12 - Android Apps on Google Play and iOS app Mobile Scenarios for K12 for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad on the iTunes App Store

      6. Tools for Student Centered Learning http://intel.com/teachers

      7. Learning Space Toolkit http://learningspacetoolkit.org

      8. Third Teacher Plus http://thethirdteacherplus.com

      9. Idea Paint http://www.ideapaint.com/spaces/school

      10. Challenge yourself to create dynamic digital learning space(s) to maximize student learning, problem solving, creative and design thinking and digital publication to showcase learning. (Attached is a graphic organizer to develop a unique student activity).Harm


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