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    Curriculum Considerations in a 1:1 Program


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      Knowing what to do with your curriculum when you implement a 1:1 program can be a challenging aspect to think about. For example what should you do about digital content? digital textbooks? policy and procedures? What happens to the learning? Is it necessary to have every teacher doing the same thing, on the same day, with children using the same content? How do we address the needs of all children when the content that is available on the Internet comes in all shapes and sizes, all types and at different costs. Where do we begin?


      Join us on April 18th as we listen to educators in panel discussion format share their thoughts about curriculum and their experiences with some of the challenges of DIGITAL CONTENT...




      • Becky Fisher, Director of Educational Technology, Professional Development, and Media Services, Albemarle Public Schools, VA
      • Debbie Collins, PreK-12 Executive Director for Instruction, Albemarle Public Schools, VA
      • Linda Laughlin, Assistant Superintendent of Schools, RSU18, ME
      • Marianthe (Anthy) Williams, Director of Technology, River Dell School District, NJ
      • Mikkel Storaassli, Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum and Instruction, Leyden High School District 212, IL
      • Tom Woodward, Assistant Director of Instructional Technology, Henrico Public Schools, VA


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          Looking forward to this, our ocunty is giving all middle schoolers tablets, this should answer some questions.

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              Jonathan, we are looking forward to having you attend the webinar. There will be an interactive chat going on as well as opportunities to ask questions. Whereabouts is your district located? Perhaps we can help you locate a district that is open to having some visits. I find that visitations to other schools to "see" the learning environment helps in forming a vision for your own school. - Blanca

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              Has the recorded link been added for this webinar yet?  Looking forward to sharing with others.

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                How does one person manage all the tablets? Have you found it difficult to manage Apps, troubleshooting?

                does your school have a dedicated Tech Person?


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                  Here are some of the questions that my participants wanted to know.  Please share your thoughts and ideas with us.

                  • How is checkout handled?
                  • Is this done through the Media department or the IT department?
                  • Should it be a collaborative approach?
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                      I've seen a few different ways that checkout is handled:

                      • Some districts have carts on wheels (COWs) in each classroom. Students are responsible for taking the same laptop every time they enter class or whenever the device needs to be used.
                      • Some districts have students approach the tech help desk during homeroom the first week of school
                      • Others have parents pick up the device (if it's going home right away) - sometimes this is paired up with an Internet Safety Parent Presentation


                      I believe in the collaborative approach. In one of my districts we followed the Mooresville SD model which was that every child came with their parent to pick up the laptop the first time, together they went room to room picking up their bags, then learning to log in with their student profile, then completing a short activity and finally receiving their tags and a final stamp on a card signifying they were ready to go! This turned out to be a great event, very collaborative, teachers and vendors even helped on launch day! The only issue? The district felt it took up too much time and opted to give children their laptops in their homeroom the following year.

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                        Mooresville checks out computers to the students in the beginning of the year.  Students 6-12, carry their computers home during the school year and return them when school closes for the summer.  The help desk is maintained by students and trouble shoot basic problems for students before sending to student technicians to correct more serious problems. The computer science class maintains computers and repairs cracked screens when damaged by students.  A number of computers are stored and traded out with computers when long term repairs are needed. 

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                        Hi everyone - the original discussion post has been updated with the recording link.

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                          This webinar has been very helpful for me, as well as the ongoing discussion in the comments.  We are going to have 1:1 chromebooks next year for our middle school students.  We have had very little PD unfortunately.  Anyone have good resources for using chromebooks in the classroom?