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    Webinar Recording: Virtual Musem Field Trip - Visual Thinking Strategies


      Click here to view the archive recording of the April 16th Virtual Museum Field Trip featuring Visual Thinking Strategies.


      The Visual Thinking Strategies Across the Curriculum Webinar will feature a special Visual Thinking Strategies presentation by Sarah O'Leary, VTS Regional Coordinator The Visual Thinking Strategies (VTS) teaching method and school curriculum centers on open-ended yet highly-structured discussions of visual art, significantly increasing students' critical thinking, language and literacy skills along the way. Through VTS' rigorous and engaging individual and group 'problem-solving' process, students cultivate a willingness and ability to present their own ideas, while respecting and learning from the perspectives of their peers. Through VTS training programs for schools and museums, educators learn to facilitate student-centered discussions, engaging learners in a rigorous process of examination and meaning-making through visual art that has been carefully selected for age and developmental appropriateness. VTS experience produces growth in all students, from challenged and non-English language learners to high achievers. In addition, teachers enjoy the process and benefit from a new approach that reaches all students and is useful across their practice.