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    Common Core Standards

      Hi! I am a middle school math teacher in Kansas. I am curious how many of you have started to implement the Common Core Standards in your class or school. We started learning about CCSS last year and I implemented them in my math class this year. I would love to hear from more of you who have also implemented Common Core Standards or have plans to do so next year.


      What are some of the resources you have used in your planning? I have found that visiting with different professionals from a variety of fields has been very helpful in designing learning units. I have also used textbooks and resources from other (higher) grade levels, websites, collaboration with colleagues, as well as created some of my own resources.


      I have seen an increase in collaboration, student confidence, motivation, and ability to persevere this year. What are some benefits you have observed and/or what are some of your concerns?

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          Thankfully with common core I am seeing the creative thinking, multi-leveled learning that I have wanted! I think that common core is opening the minds of educators and students alike! The problems I see with common core is the fact that we have been trained to follow a book and guidelines. For some teachers common core means freedom to teach students to think for themselves with guidance, but for others it feels like murky waters. The resources I have used are NSTA website and the common core standards app.  I do find both resources to be vague. Which can be good and bad.  I too want to learn some other place to learn more!



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              I agree with the positive observations you have noticed, Andrea! I also agree that the transition to the Common Core Standards is a big leap for many educators. I think quality training and support will be a crucial part of its successful implementation, and I believe the Intel classes and resources are a great place to start. I have also used the free CCS app and have found it helpful to have so accessible, but as you indicate, it does leave the implementation and ideas to the educator to create.


              What are some projects and activities you have implemented where you have seen creative thinking and multi-level learning you mention above? I would love to hear about your ideas and what has worked in your content area!