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    Help Build an App: Intel®  Education Shake & Teach Mobile App


      phoneonly.jpgIntel®  Education would you like your help contributing content to its new app! The Shake & Teach app is aimed at providing a dynamic support tool for teachers - ideal for lesson starters, review of prior learning, or performance assessment activities. Instead of the "just write about it" inertia, teachers will just be a shake away from thousands of possible activities. When shaken (or clicked) the app generates 50,000 unique learning challenge teaching ideas in total. The app will follow the grammar of Do <subject> as <activity> / e.g. "Do growing plants from seed as a group doodle on a large sheet of paper." Some of the fun examples I've come up with by entering the draft app content into a randomizer:

      • Do Adverbs as a Soap Opera Scene
      • Do Harmony as a 20-Word Telegram
      • Do Primary Colors as a Finger Puppet Show


      For this fun activity, we want you to do the following:

      1. Look at the two attached .PDF documents of Do and As content
      2. Come up with additions and/or revisions to items on the "Do" list to expand the list or make the content better (more focused, aligned to standards, etc.)
      3. Post your additions and revisions as replies to this discussion.
      4. Optional: Help us add to the "As" list too! Come up with innovative and engaging activities that could expand the "As" list and post these in your reply too.


      Can't wait to read all the great ideas! Go!