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    Webinar Discussion and Recording: Learning to Learn Like Kids Today Do - Anywhere, Anytime


      I'm excited to share the archive recording for our second entry in the Intel® Education Mobile Learning Series: Learning to Learn Like Kids Today Do - Anywhere, Anytime, with special guest presenter Becky Fisher (more on Becky below).


      Click Here to Access the Recording

      (Please note, due to a technical error, the first few minutes of the webinar were not recorded. Not to worry, all you're missing is me talking about the Intel® Education Mobile Learning project and our upcoming webinars; I've attached the slides to that part of the webinar below).


      This informative and highly engaging webinar discussed mobile technology and how it impacts the way we, and our students, interact with and learn from the world around us. Think of a "typical" 8 year old...now a "typical" 13 year old…and finally, a "typical" 17 year old. What do you notice about how they learn? What role do mobile technologies play in this learning? What do you notice about what they learn? How does access to technology influence this? How are these different from how and what you learned at those ages? Let's explore these questions and more as we did deeply in to how we learn and what we can do to better understand and connect with how many kids today learn.


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      More on Presenter Becky Fisher

      Becky Fisher received a BA and MAT in Physics from the University of Virginia while working as a FORTRAN programmer for the University's Institute of Nuclear and Particle Physics. After assisting in an NSF-funded summer institute for Physics teachers, she committed to a career in public education. Over two decades later, Becky has been a classroom teacher, instructional technology specialist, and central office leader working diligently to change the landscape of public education by ensuring choices are made as close to the learner as possible!


      Although she's sure to give all the credit to her colleagues, Becky has been key to making Albermarle one of most innovative districts in the country, particularly in their use of technology to support both student and teacher learning. She and her colleagues fully grasp the value in the kind of learning that happens on communities like Teachers Engage and both model what it means to be a connected educator and actively support teachers in becoming connected. From making mobile learning a reality to embracing the maker movement, they are showing us how to help students do work that matters to them and to their communities and which puts them on track to make a difference throughout their lives.