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    Infrastructure, Architecture and Funding, Oh My!


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      Preparing for Online Assessments? Perhaps a BYOD program is in your future. Maybe you've been asked to prepare your district for a 1:1 initiative. This past year has brought about many changes and adoptions in education: PARCC, SBAC, CCSS, Blended Learning, Personalized Learning, Flipped Classrooms - oh my! The job of a technology director, coordinator or teacher is never done, however, when the going gets tough, the dedicated DO NOT GIVE UP!


      Join us for what promises to be a lively conversation about preparing your district for a one to one or BYOD environment.


      • Marianthe (Anthy) Williams, Director of Technology, River Dell School District, NJ &
      • Devin Schoening, K12 Instructional Technology Coach, Council Bluffs Community School District, IA


      will share how their districts prepared for the infusion of technology by preparing their infrastructure, considering architecture, and finding the funding to make it possible. If you are a district leader, teacher or board member considering an infusion of technology, this webinar is for you!  Register now: https://events-na2.adobeconnect.com/content/connect/c1/816142044/en/events/event/shared/default_template/event_landing.html?sco-id=874052418#

      Some of the questions to think about:


      • How do you go about preparing your district for a 1 to 1 initiative? Where do you begin: Network? Wireless? Infrastructure? How long is the planning process? What kind of challenges might I face? How do I address them beforehand to ensure success?
      • How do you fund a program like this? What is the initial investment? How do you continue to fund the program? How do you fund PD? Are there public/private partnerships? Are parents asked to contribute?
      • How do you include and solicit community and parent support?
      • Finally, sustainability. How do you ensure that you have enough support to continue to fund the program? What kind of resources might you be able to reallocate, i.e. ebooks vs textbooks?
      • Hope to continue the conversation below. Ask away!