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    PBL  idea team11

      Please review and add any comments if any.

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          unit plan banyak sangat tulisan dan perancangan - malas nak baca.  Petang-petang macam ini dapat kopi 0 dengan goreng pisang panas memang sedap.  Nak buat unit plan banyak-banyak buat hape!

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            well team 11, you need to do a lot of work. To start with

            • rewrite the standard/benchemark for the unit specifically (to the point)
            • based on standards, think about students achievment and learning outcomes e.g at the end of this project my students will be able to Know...., differenciate between professions........., role play.........., analyse people and occupations in their community...........evaluate the kind of profession they select for themselves in future............(see blooms taxonomy). apart from that add 21st century skills students will develop on the completion of the project like they will learn to work in groups, communicate and interview etc
            • see PBL presentation and rewrite the unit summary
            • see the CFQ presentation for concept building and rewrite the questions for higher order thinking
            • visit www.intel.com/education/assessingprojects and view the assessment library. find out assessment tools that best match your project and modify them to use for your project


            Well just start and things will keep following in places till you will be amazed to see your PBL based unit plan