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    Teaching with Aurasma


      Check out this video of practical applications of Aurasma in your classroom from YouTube users TexanTutorialsGov. They offer augmented reality applications for economics, history, math, showcasing exemplary student work, and more.


      What are your thoughts?

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          Great video explaining the uses of Aurasma. It has taken qrcodes to the next level. With qrcodes, you are sent to anything that has a URL. You need to create the item with a URL, create a qrcode, and then attach the qrcode to the item that is scanned. Whew...


          With Aurasma, you create the item to be scanned (qrcode mentioned above), and then create where you want to go (URL mentioned above). The initial learning curve is longer than learning how to do qrcodes, but the dazzle factor is amazing!


          If you don't want to create your own, there are many free with the app.


          The neat thing with Aurasma is the ease in which the students can access information. Well worth checking out!


          Stacey-New York

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                The Aurasma app is great!!  However, many of the created ones will not work in our district because of the way they are labeled.  It would be great if Aurasma created an Educator's Account.