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    Hash tags "#"-what's your favorite?

      I am currently facilitating the Blended Learning Elements course and we have started a thread about hash tags that can be used in the classroom, both for the teacher and the students. 


      Please add your favorites.  I will be sure you get credit for the suggestion.





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            Hello Neil

          Thats a nice discussion , i have recently used the following with good feed back.

          The hash tags i think could  be useful for teachers is  #edchat where teachers can get in touch, and chat about the technology. #PBLChat is fairly new and is for Project Based Learning.

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            OMG...I am laughing as I read your post because I had a personal hashtag experience at the end of school....I kind felt like I was in the Jack in the Box TV commercial where Jack is talking to the social media girl...LOL!


            My last few days of school we had to move the entire fiction section down to fill a new bookshelf...so basically we moved thousands of books. One of my favorite library assistants asked what we were doing and when I told him he looked at me and said you are hashtag cray cray...I have never had anyone talk to me in terms of hashtags before and I could not stop laughing. I responded the best way I could and I said more like hashtag cray cray 4 cocoapuffs!

            Anyway...my favorite hashtags are #tlchat - Teacher Librarian Chat and I also like #ipaded - iPad Education!

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              I worry that sometimes hash tags become overused. I'm guilty of hash tag abuse. Almost every education post will include one or more hash tags. This abuse is based on how I also search for hash tags - thus wanting to help those who search my posts. My most commonly used hash tags are:

              • #scichat - science chat for teachers
              • #edchat - education chat for teachers
              • #STEM - all things related to Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math
              • #mathchat - math chat for teachers
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                Hi Neil,  I use hashtags like street signs to find a desired topic.  The most complete list I have come across is on the following website:  Educational Hash Tags  The Cybrary's Man's Educational Web Sites lists 300+ educational hashtags being used right now in Twitter. 


                To follow educational leaders via hashtags look at the following website... Cybraryman Internet Catalogue

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                  Thanks to everyone who has responded thus far.  Keep them coming!



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                    Rubina Jahangir
                    1- #edtech
                    This is one of my favourite hashtags on Twitter. It provides you with news, tips, tools.....etc on the use of technology in education
                    If you are interested in discovering and learning more about the use of educational apps in teaching, edapp is a hashtag to follow.
                    This is one of the popular hashtags and it is a great way for you to meet other teachers from all around the world and stay updated about the trending topics in education.
                    This one stands for education reform and it speaks for itself , when you join this chat you will have the chance to explore what educators are sharing on educational issues.
                    Using this hashtag you can connect with other people interested in online and electronic learning and also distance learning.
                    This hashtag stands for mobile learning and it features all the tweets relating to the use of mobile devices in learning.
                    This is a hashtag that allows you to stay updated about the issues related to science, technology and education.
                    This is hashtag created by Edutopia last May it stands for New Teacher chat


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                      #edchat which is  a kind of education chatting  for teachers and the use of technology in education.

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                        I like to follow...

                        #6thchat - sixth grade teachers talking about everything.

                        #smartee - about using Smart Boards

                        #rwworkshop - reading and writing workshop

                        I am still in the early stages of using twitter.  I have found a ton of resources to use in my classroom by reading twitter discussions. 

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                          For education, technology, and inspiration I follow these hashtags.