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    Rev Up Your PD with Webinars?


      I recently had the privilege of moderating a series of webinars in my district.  The stars of the series were teachers from all grade levels and content areas.  They were in teams of two, three, or four.   The webinars lasted one hour.  Some of the webinars were held after school and some later at night. Topics ranged from App Smackdown to Common Core topics. The feedback was positive from the presenters and the attendees.  We are already planning on developing another series in the new school year.  Has anyone else worked with a webinar series in their district?  I am looking for ideas to make the series more interactive on the part of the attendees.

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          Bonnie Feather

          It's hard to be very interactive in an hour webinar. If your webinar software allows groups (subgroups) you can set them up in groups to answer a quick question (kind of like think-pair-share) then bring them back in. A quick way to de-brief their discussion is to have a poll ready in the software so they can quickly report back their consensus from the discussion.


          I did a series for a county- they loved it. I often allowed them to suggest topics for future webinars. They began asking for re-do's for their friends, so I sent them to the page where the recordings were housed.



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            I run 2 hour webinars for school cooperatives in NY and have found after an introduction and examples, giving the participants a 15-20 minute practice session lets them explore. When we continue as a group, the sharing is great. The exchange on how each one discovered, used, and plan on implementing int he classroom helps others see possibilities. I also record everything and post the link.

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              Mitzi, have you thought about trying a Google Hangout instead? There are some great interactive features that may make things more fun and interesting.