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    Successful PD Models for 1:1 Implementations


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      Planning and preparing for a 1:1 is no easy task! However, technology can make it better.

      A classroom where all of the students have devices requires teachers to employ new techniques and refine time-tested methods for managing the learning. With constant access to technology, the challenge for teachers requires a comprehensive program of professional development delivered by trainers that have seen successful 1:1 projects. Delivery models that have had high impact will be discussed.


      Join us for a great conversation with Ms. Mary Howard, Technology Coordinator of Passaic City Public Schools, as she explains the "roadmap" to success: what she and her colleagues are doing, how they are planning for next year, and then of course, how to get students actively involved.


      Presentor: Ms. Mary Howard, Technology Coordinator, Passaic City Public Schools


      • If you are a district leader, teacher or board member considering an infusion of technology, this webinar is for you!  Register now:

      Some of the questions to think about:

      • What types of resources do you need to implement a PD plan for a 1:1?
      • What topics are essential to cover in a 1:1? Are there resources available to me?
      • How do you include and solicit support for teachers from within?
      • How do you help create teacher leaders so teacher capacity is built from within?
      • Finally, sustainability. How do you ensure that you have enough support to continue to fund the program?


      Hope to start and continue the conversation below. Ask away!