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    Chromebook vs iPad


      As schools make decisions on which device to select for their 1:1 initiatives, is there room for more than one device?  Can a graduation approach with different devices for elementary, middle and high schools meet the needs of children and provide adequate resources to facilitate teachers meeting the educational growth of students?  For example even though the ipads cost twice what some tablets cost, with the abundance of math, language, reading, etc. apps for elementary, provide a better source for growth and in the long term prove to be more cost effective? Would the chromebook provide a better source for moving middle and high school students to collaboration, team work, problem-based learning, etc. while focusing on completing authentic tasks? The June edition of “The Journal” provides food for thought as they explore devices in a 1:1 initiative. What devices are being used in your district and what was the thought process that went into the decisions to select the devices.  In what ways have the devices made a different in student educational growth?