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    Fun Activity-Appy-Tizer Summer/Fall Video App Review Part II (with a Video TWIST)



      It’s summertime again. School is out, vacations are planned and almost everyone is on a summer hiatus. At Teachers Engage we are never off the clock since great educational ideas and resources are always being discussed at our site.  We know you are having a busy summer, but  we know how popular sequels are so join us for our Appy-Tizer Summer/Fall Video App Review Part II (with a Video TWIST).  Instead of us providing video reviews on great educational apps,  we would like for you to post your videos reviews of your favorite Apps using the criteria below:

      • Name of the App
      • Why you like it
      • Limitations
      • Cost
      • Operating System



      • Video App Review should be 60 seconds or less
      • Video App Review should be posted in a place that is not password protected (Vimeo, Youtube etc)


      Each week we will feature a different Video App Review on Twitter, Teachers Engage and Facebook. If we choose your Video App Review, you will receive a 50.00 Amazon Gift card. There is no limit to the number of videos you can submit.

      Don’t worry, it you missed our review last summer, here is a link to our Fun Activity and an example of a Video App Review.

      Post your Video App Review between June 21  and October 31  to be entered into a drawing for a 50.00 Amazon Gift Card.

      Note: This drawing will only become active when a minimum of 10 participants respond, which means in some cases, the drawing will take place after the above mentioned date. For a complete description and eligibility of Engage community drawings, click on the Intel Bunny Person.